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augment; extend; build up

Recreate your home with liveability in focus. Home additions can work to improve indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and a sense of wellbeing. Expanding the footprint of your home can increase your property value and create the space you need now and into the future.

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Improvements to your home’s orientation can be achieved through considered design and high-performance construction methods. We work to maximise your homes potential for passive cooling and heating, creating year-round comfort.

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Additions can improve the energy and water efficiency of your home. With a purposeful passion for sustainability and quality, we create home extensions that increase physical and mental wellbeing. A worthy investment.

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The materials used in your home’s construction have a significant impact on its performance, durability, and energy use. We are mindful about what goes into your home, ensuring your home is healthy and high-performing as a standard.

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"A new way of building, we create remarkable homes surpassing current residential building industry standards."

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